I ate it up...

The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls
by Anissa Gray 

So on my four day whirlwind trip to PA I listened to the audio version of the above title, having recently downloaded it through our co-branded site- (link below). 

Thankfully I had fourteen hours to while away in the car because this was one of those books that would have had me inventing errands just to get back in the car and listen. Yea, that good. 

The book has a variety of narrators, most are related. It begins with the voice of Althea, a forty'ish woman born and raised in Michigan. Althea's mother died when she was twelve leaving her to do a lot of her own raising, along with that of her three younger siblings, while their preacher daddy was off spreading the word. Her baby sister is Lillian, an interior decorator recently returned to town from New York City with her ex-husband's Chinese grandmother, Nai Nai, in tow. (for what it's worth, I LOVE Nai Nai. Remember the grandmother in the Steve Ma…

Sitting in the snow..

welcome to Outer Banks Reader.. the blog of a book lover, bookseller, book buyer, book clubber and any other word that pairs with or starts with my favorite four letter word. No, it didn't snow on the Outer Banks this winter, and as it is already March it probably won't, but I made a quick weekend trip up across the Mason-Dixon to see my favorite niece and nephew (okay, my only niece and nephew) perform in their high school musical and am now looking out over 3-4" new fallen snow. I've been working on a new website design for the bookstores I run this winter and as part of that have finally decided to include a blog. A blog about books.. and reading.. and the life of a bookstore.. and maybe sometimes just life. Namaste.